Lynne LaBombard and Kathy Peterson are Exclusive Home Buyer Agents, representing only the home buyer in real estate transactions.

Buying a home, either as a brand new homeowner or a past homeowner, can be difficult, trying and confusing. Lynne and Kathy’s goal, however, is to make the process of buying a new home or property as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, in short, to make it easier for you to purchase a home.

Lynne LaBombard and Kathy Peterson work EXCLUSIVELY with buyers to protect their interests and smoothly navigate their real estate transactions. Their loyalty is with you, the home buyer. Real estate transactions are often complex, and as buyer’s agents, they have your best interests in mind and strive to simplify the process.

Years of Real Estate Experience

There is a natural conflict of interest between the home buyer and the home seller because they have different needs and interests.


want their property to sell at the highest possible price.



want the right home for their needs and at the best value.

How can one agent (or even a multi-agent brokerage) really represent both buyer and seller and not have a conflict of interest? They can’t! That is why you need a buyer agent who will work for you in your best interest.

Contact Lynne & Kathy of the LaBombard Peterson Realty Group for a free, no obligation, home buying consultation session. They will discuss with you how they can help you find your new home.

An Exclusive Buyer Agent represents the home buyer, and only the home buyer, in a real estate transaction. A Buyer Agent works in an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker company that never represents sellers and never takes listings.

As exclusive buyer agents, Lynne and Kathy provide guidance about how much to offer for a home and share insights that provide an advantage to the buyer. They negotiate exclusively on the buyer’s behalf, seeking the best price and terms for the buyer. During the process they work to protect their clients with contractual contingencies, designed with their best interests in mind.